Hello, my wonderful crafty friends!
I hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s and didn’t get into too much trouble. =)
Today is finally the day I share with you my new and improved craft space / storage solution!
Now before I jump right in and tell you all about my wonderful new craft space I feel like I need to explain a few things about my old system, why it wasn’t working for me and why it is in the place it is…..
Ok so first off we live in a rental house so we can’t go around putting up lots of fancy shelving,
Second I don’t have the luxury of been able to turn a whole room into a crafting space,
So…. My crafting space is in my wardrobe, in my room!
My main problem with this was that I was having a hard time organizing but also displaying my 12 X 12 Designer Series Paper stacks, A4 cardstock, ink pads and markers. I’m one of those people that if it’s not in my face or somewhere within eyesight I tend to forget about it and then it goes unused.
My ink pads were all staked up on one another making it a pain to get just one colour out, I have stacks of  markers but they were all in plastic bins out of sight so they hardly ever got used and my 12 X 12 Designer Series Paper and A4 cardstock was stacked in large flat 30 litre Sistema Storage boxes that slid under my bed, this worked really well at the time as I could fit a ton of my 12 X 12 Designer Series Paper stacks in them plus my A4 cardstock, but as my collection grew I was getting sick of the boxes, and if I wanted cardstock that was at the bottom I had to pull all the other cardstock out with it - which would result in me constantly doing my “grr” face.
So now is the part you have been waiting for - my new storage solution.
I did a lot of looking around New Zealand and online for ways to store my cardstock, ink pads and markers but kept coming back to one online shop - Stamp N Storage. Now for any of you who haven’t heard of Stamp N Storage let me tell you they have all you’re crafting storage solutions under control - they have everything you could possible dream of.
Here are just a few reasons why I think Stamp N Storage are your go-to for all your craft storage solutions.
I asked for a ton of different quotes with slightly different amounts of the larger items just to see what the differences in shipping would be, I was originally only going to get 3 Paper Holders and order another one at a later date, however they pointed out that it was actually cheaper to order two lots of two as two paper holders can fit in one shipping box, therefore saving you money in the long run - This is where a lot of other company’s would just see dollar signs and take your money and not care that you could save a few bucks or a lot in this case.
Because I know a lot of companies have different ways of handling damaged items / goods I also asked them what happens if for some reason these products get damaged in shipping, and if they offered replacement's for international costumer's or what would happen in this situation? There answer was music to my ears, there reply “We actually have rarely encountered damage with international shipping.  However, if anything is broken, we will replace it free of charge.”
The customer service they provided was outstanding, plus no long waiting times to get a reply back to your e-mails like you get with some other online companies - This was a huge tick form me.
All Stamp N Storage products are made from Baltic Birch plywood, a quality material used for drawers in high-end kitchen cabinets and the dividers are made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), so you know these are built to last a life time. Everything is beautifully crafted right down to the last nail - you can really tell Stamp N Storage takes great pride in their workmanship.
All Stamp N Storage products come as unfinished wood, which means you can paint them any colour you want, from hot pink to black or paint them to match your existing storage units!
They also come fully made - No assembly required! Phew! For those of us who don’t have a handy man.
Did I mention super affordable too?
You would think looking at these products that they would cost you a small fortune, no sir, these are in everyone’s price range, and even if you’re an international costumer they are still very affordable.
So I’m sure you’re all going …well what did you end up getting then?
Well I now have these fanatics product’s to store / sort and organize everything…
I can now see every ink pad colour I own, but most importantly I can grab just one - not like before!
All my Designer Series Paper and cardstock is now in my face which means I can finally start using that Designer Series Paper I forgot I had, All my markers are now in sight so they can finally get some use too and they look so awesome all sorted by band and colour.
I would recommend Stamp N Storage to anyone that is looking for a good quality storage solution in their craft room, great people, outstanding customer service and top of the line products. I will definitely be ordering more when I have a larger craft room.
Head over to view the whole line of products at the Stamp N Storage store to look at everything else they have to offer, the hardest part will be deciding what not to get, you’ll want the whole shop.
Now that I have everything organized I can finally get back to creating,
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week.

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